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1500VA 950W UPS

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Part Number: DHSMART1500SLT
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Tripp Lite's SMART 1500SLT intelligent, line-interactive sine wave UPS system protects servers, networking accessories and telecommunications equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and transient surges. Large internal batteries offer 17 minutes half load runtime and 6 minutes fully loaded. 1500VA / 950 watt power handling capability and full-time sine wave output offers guaranteed compatibility with networking, telecom and other sensitive electronic applications. Includes 8 protected NEMA 5-15R output receptacles. Supports simultaneous remote monitoring of UPS and site power conditions via built-in network accessory card slot, USB and DB9 serial monitoring ports. Optional SNMPWEBCARD accessory enables remote monitoring of UPS as a managed device via network management console applications. Communications interfaces support messaging of UPS and line power status, plus output power control for scheduled or immediate reboot of all connected devices at once. Includes PowerAlert UPS monitoring and unattended shutdown software with management support for an unlimited number of network UPS systems. Free PowerAlert enterprise managment software is also available for select opportunities. Built-in audible alarm and 15 LEDs provide graphical readout of line power, battery power, battery charge level, load level, plus AVR boost and trim operational status information. Network grade AC surge suppression protects equipment from damage and performance problems resulting from transient surges. Attractive, all-black tower housing. Two year warranty with $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance.

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