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2 Zone Bluetooth Water Timer

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Melnor 2-Zone Bluetooth Water Timer - Whether you need to water on specific days of the week or just every few days, flexible scheduling allows you to set exactly when and how long to water. Stop your sprinkler from running in the rain. The delay feature allows you to pause the watering schedule for up to 7 days. An easy and convenient way to manage your lawn and garden watering. Use the free app on your smart phone or tablet to control all the programming on your Melnor Bluetooth Water Timer. You can manage one, or multiple timers from the same app. Set-up is simple and offers completely flexible scheduling options to keep your lawn green and plants healthy all season long. You can personalize the app features specifically for your lawn and garden. Set custom device and zone names, create a password for security, and add images of your unique watering areas.

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