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3 In 2 Sata 6gbps Hotswap Hdd

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Part Number: DHMB153SPB
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Introducing the FatCage Series MB153SP-B, a 3-in-2 SATA internal RAID backplane for 3.5" SATA hard drives. This is a lite version of the highly regarded MB45X series by removing the monitoring features and reducing the overall cost, while keeping the same 3 year warranty and the EZ-Tray system for hot swapping and maintenance are kept for the best reliability in the market. In addition, our enhanced direct air flow design allows the included cooling fan to raise its efficiency to cool down your hard drives, by sealing and rerouting any vents around the fan to route incoming air directly to the cooling fan. Also, the backplane logic PCB has larger vents in key areas to allow more air to flow into and exit the MB153SP-B, making it the ideal system to store and cool your hard drives.

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