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Brother Mobile Car Adapter

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Your Price: $28.50
Part Number: DHLB3691
Availability: In Stock.
Brother Mobile Adapter - Cigarette Plug - 10 foot length; For Use With: PocketJet 3 Plus, PJ622 PocketJet 6 Print Engine, PJ623 PocketJet 6 Plus Print Engine, PJ662 PocketJet 6 Print Engine with Bluetooth, PJ663 PocketJet 6 Plus Print Engine with Bluetooth, PJ663-K, RJ4030 RuggedJet w/Bluetooth, RJ4030-K RuggedJet w/Bluetooth + Battery, RJ4040 RuggedJet w/WiFi, RJ4040-K RuggedJet w/WiFi + Battery

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