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Commanderf6 Rgb LCD Fan Ctrllr

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Part Number: DHAC024BN1NANA1
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Take control of your cooling and temperature needs with the Commander F6 RGB LCD Fan Controller. Designed for single 5.25" drive bay applications, the Commander F6 shows off up to 16 different colors built-in to the RGB LCD panel. Control up to (6) fan simultaneously with (6) additional temperature sensors for total control over cooling and temperature monitoring. By changing the voltage from 0V - 12V users can read RPM, Voltages and Temperatures all from the front panel display. Built-in Warning alarms and Short Circuit Protection adds safety for component monitoring while the Commander adds (2) options for LED strip connection from the (6) Fan Headers (Optional). Keep cool and stay safe with the Commander F6 RGB LCD Fan Controller for a colorful look and cooling performance from Thermaltake.

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