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HDMI Up Down Scaler Converter

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Your Price: $250.00
Part Number: DHATHD550
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The AT-HD550 is a great solution for any multiple HDMI ready display set up. It can be used to display the range of different TV s without the hassle of trying to manage different resolutions. The HDMI Up/Down Scaler/Converter is designed to allow a user to match the native resolution of a different display when multiple are used. The HD550 is mainly designed to be used with standard displays, HDMI Matrix switches, HDMI distribution amplifiers, and many other applications where HDMI is used. When there is a set up with multiple displays that have a mismatched resolutions capability the AT-HD550 can be used to down convert or scale the displays with a higher resolution to match the displays that are incapable of delivering higher resolutions.

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