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HEPA AllergnRemv Filter 2PK Wh

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Part Number: DHHRFR22PK
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The Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Replacement filter HRF-R2 (2 PK) helps capture up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens, 0.3 microns & larger. For best cleaning performance, replace filter(s) 1 time per year. Retail pack includes 3 filters. 1) Shipper is also a display tray; Master pack: 2 piece display tray 2) The HRF-R3 filters fit Honeywell True HEPA console air purifier models: HPA090/100 series (requires 1 filter), HPA200 series (requires 2 filters), HPA300 series (requires 3 filters); White.

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