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RemotePoint Emerald Navigator

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The NEW RemotePoint Emerald Navigator SE controls presentation slides from up to 75 feet away. Featuring a bright green laser pointer, a classic, cutting-edge metallic case design, the Emerald Navigator SE is plug and play for both Windows & OS X computers. Features Large slide controls Slide Blank key Bright green laser pointer PowerPoint and Keynote compatible Aluminum case design No learning curve just plug and play 75 Wireless Range Windows & OS X Benefits Provides slide control from anywhere in the room. Enables interactive presentation and lecture style. Focuses all eyes on the detail via a bright green laser pointer. Requires no learning curve just plug and present. It just works: every time. Specifications Remote Control (Dimensions & Weight) Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 1" (51mm x 102mm x 25mm) Weight: Less than 5 ounces (140g) 2.4GHz USB Receiver Dongle (Dimensions & Weight) Dimensions: 13/16" x 3 1/2" x 1/8" (21mm x 89mm x 11mm) Weight: Less than 2 ounces (60g) Package Contents Emerald Navigator SE 2.4 GHz USB Receiver Dongle 2 x AAA batteries User?s manual Warranty 12 months limited warranty Features & Benefits

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