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Server System 2U Rack

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Your Price: $914.28
Part Number: DHR2208WTTYSR
Availability: Back Order.
Integrated 2U system featuring an Intel Server Board S2600WTTR supporting eight 2.5 inch hot-swap drives dual 10-GbE LAN 24 DIMMs one 1100W redundant-capable power supply enterprise class I/O with built in discrete management network interface. - (1) Intel Server Board S2600WTTR in a 2U chassis (1) front 1x VGA and 2x USB on a dedicated tray (1) airduct (1) standard control panel board FXXFPANEL (1) ODD bay for CD/DVD drive support (8) 2.5 inch hot-swap drive carriers FXX25HSCAR (1) backplane FXX8X25S3HSBP (2) AXXCBL730HRHD cables (2) processor heatsinks FXXCA84X106HS (6) redundant and hot-swap cooling fans (2) risers with 3 x8 PCIe 3.0 slots (2x FHFL 1x FHHL) A2UL8RISER2 (1) riser with 1 x8 PCIe 3.0 slot and 1 x4 PCIe 2.0 slot A2UX8X4RISER (1) battery backup unit bracket with three mounting locations over the airduct and (1) 1100W AC power supply FXX1100PCRPS

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