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Smartset PLL Radio Alarm Clock

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Part Number: DHER100103
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USB output for Mobile Charging 1.2A 5V Digital Tuning FM Radio, 20 Station Memories Easy-to-Read, 1.4? Blue LED Clock Display 4-Level Dimmer Control Dual Alarm Week Indication & Choice of 3 Alarm Modes: Every Day, Weekdays Only, or Weekends Only Patented SmartSet Automatic Time Setting System Automatically Sets Itself to the Correct Year, Month, Date, Day and Time as Soon as You Plug it In and After Every Power Interruption Button Cell Battery (Included) Maintains Time & Alarm Settings Displays Month/Date at the Touch of a Button Automatically recognizes DST Wake to Radio or Buzzer Alarm with Preset Volume Control Programmable Sleep-to Music Timer (10 90 mins in 10 mins step, default 10 mins) Snooze/Repeat Alarm Digital Volume Controls for Radio AUX-IN Crescendo Wakeup Control Output Power: 300mW x 1 @10% THD Wide-Range, Dynamic Speaker Built-In FM Antennas

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