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TI Innovator Breadboard Pack

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The TI-Innovator Breadboard Pack. Resistors, capacitors, LEDS and other components for design activities that explore electronics principles. Contains: Breadboard 2 x 3 inches, Forty (40) Male to male breadboard jumper cables, Ten (10) Male to female breadboard jumper cables, Assorted LEDs (five (5) green, ten (10) red, two (2) RGB), Assorted resistors (ten (10) each of 100 Ohm, 1K Ohm, 10K Ohm, 100K Ohm, 10M Ohm), Assorted capacitors (One (1) each of 100 ?F, 10 ?F, 1 ?F), 7 segment display, 940nm Infrared transmitter and receiver, Thermistor, Analog temperature sensor, Potentiometer with knob, Small DC motor, Diode, Light sensor, SPDT slide switch, 8-Position DIP switch, 8 100 Ohm resistor SIP package, Two (2) Power MOSFET, 4AA battery holder

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