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Venturi Venturi Hp14 Pwm Black

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Venturi HP-14 PWM Fan. Featuring true FDB-bearings, providing silent operation coupled with a long lifespan . Equipped with a counter-pull magnet, that reduces the axial tension on the bearing. Optimized fan geometry as a high pressure fan, delivering high performance results in high restriction usage scenarios, such as in use with large heatsinks or water cooling radiators. Dense, sturdy construction, made from high-grade glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer. Featuring PWM control with a very wide speed range, starting at only 400RPM (400 +/- 100 RPM), ideal for CPU heatsinks or radiators, where the motherboard can control the fan speed based on the CPU temperature. Aerodynamically shaped thin stator struts (including wire strut), mimicking the design commonly found on airplane wings, delivering correct angles allowing for air to easily pass through reducing noise and unwanted turbulence. Stator struts are angled perpendicular to the blades, helping to reduce noise commonly emitted when the blades pass the struts. In effect, minimal noise that may be emitted will be constant and therefore almost inaudible to the ear. Strategically placed notches near the fan hub on the trailing edge of the blades, further reducing and diffusing humming noise produced when the blades pass the stator struts.

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