Items Removed From Ebay due to Final Fees Not Returned

Ebay has a policy that they confiscate the sellers final credit fees on any case that is escalated and the decision is in the buyers favor.

We recently sold a Glatious Mini and the customer requested that the product be redirected to another address.

We informed them that it can't be done, The policy states that you are only insured if you deliver it to the address on file.

The package was refused by the recipient with the words CREDIT CARD FRAUD and Fedex returned the items to us.

The buyer emailed and demanded a full refund.

We processed the refund less the shipping. The customer escalated the case and got the full shipping back.

The original purchase was on July 25, 2019. On August 26th we called Ebay requesting our final fee of $160 returned (they didn't automatically give it to us). and they offered us only $152.00

The balance was being withheld since the customer escalated the request and demanded back his shipping.

In summary the customer refused the package, din't pay a penny for shipping, got a 100% refund and we paid FedEx for both ways shipping plus $8 penalty for not giving the customer the shipping charges back.

We have since stopped selling all high ticket items on Ebay due to this Ebay policy that works against honest sellers.

Thanks for understanding.

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